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Ride Like a Pro Indiana was started by Robert and Brian Wright. We are a father and son team that has a great passion for motorcycle riding. We work hard at improving our riding skills each and every time we ride and practice. The techniques we practice are the same as those taught by Jerry “Motorman” Palladino and that are demonstrated on his best selling DVDs. After meeting the “Motorman” and his wife Donna in person at the Illinois State Hog Rally and helping them teach their classes as well as riding with them in their skill shows, we decided that like them this is a class that we would love to teach to other riders in order to help them become safer and more confident riders. To accomplish this we spent many hours of training with the “Motorman" to become certified instructors in order to bring these classes to you in northwest Indiana!

Susan and Christina are also an essential part of the Ride Like a Pro team assisting Bob and Brian in all aspects of the class.

We spend countless hours training to keep our skills the best they can be, after all if you do not practice these techniques you will lose the skills. We enjoy teaching others these skills and have fun doing it. We have a great class environment that makes learning the techniques more fun and you come out of our class a more confident motorcycle rider than when you first arrived.